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Throughout the drama year we will be offering three productions outside of the drama classes. One in December, a Talent Showcase/Improv Night in January and a production in June.

These events, produced through our Non-Profit company ColLor Theatrical Productions, are strictly voluntary and are offered to any student who would like to gain some practical experience either on stage and/or behind the scenes.


Rehearsals are usually held on Sunday afternoons, however, as in real theatre, drama school students must audition and also as in real theatre not everyone gets a part in every show. Those who do not receive a role on stage in a given show are strongly encouraged to further their education by working behind the scenes.

*Drama classes are reserved strictly for learn acting technique alone. We do not want to take up valuable class time with rehearsing.

Changes to Play Participation Requirements

     Involvement in Student Productions has always been voluntary as these are held outside of regular class time. They are meant to give students who are interested and opportunity to take part in a play, whether on stage or behind the scenes.

     Previously, in order to cover the expenses of putting on these productions, we have had actors participate in fundraising activities. However, these have proved to be inconsistent and unbalanced, as, while some participants would go out of their way to raise funds, others would barely take part, leaving those few shouldering the lion's share of the cost.

     Therefore, to make it more of a fair process, actors who are in a play will have to contribute an $120 participation fee in lieu of fundraising. This fee covers some costs such as scripts, royalties, costumes, props, set materials, theatre rental etc. The participation fee is due when accepting a role.

     ***This fee does not apply to Talent & Improv Show in January.

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