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 Virtual Voice-Over Workshop Pt 2 

We'll be expanding on the material covered in our first Voice-Over Workshop, but you don't need to have taken that one to participate in the second of our voice-over workshops!

We'll be covering areas like Sounding Natural, Monologues, Animation, How to Learn Accents and more!

We'll be using the above tools to improve and expand the speaking voice, the most important tool an actor possesses.

Virtual Voice-Over Workshop

For ages 12-18. Runs every Wed night from 7-8 p.m. from Nov 17-Dec 22.

The cost of the 6 weeks is $100.00 (tax incl).

To register, fill in the form below and send an e-transfer for $100.00 to

Voice-Over Workshop Pt 2

Thanks for submitting!

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